About Us


What is Oreem?

Oreem is a one-stop delivery Oreem is a one-stop delivery and shipping platform. We connect businesses and individuals who need to move products or documents from one place to another with local delivery companies, freight forwarders, or even international courier service providers. Think of us as connectors for deliveries and shipping, but with even greater convenience and choice.

Our Mission:To design, build and deliver flexible, integrated, best-in-class, and cost-effective logistics solutions.
Our Vision:To be recognized as the expert in logistic services with top-notch Customer Service in cutting edge technology.
Our Values:We strive to perform with an unyielding commitment to Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Creativity, and Respect for All.

What Makes our Delivery and Shipping Process Unique?

Oreem's delivery platform is not a delivery company itself. We are a delivery aggregator, which means we work with delivery companies, freight forwarders, and other courier service providers from all over the globe to provide you with as many options as possible. This gives us the edge in our ability to connect you to a delivery company that perfectly matches your delivery needs.

That being said, we primarily work with delivery companies so you will have a choice of door-to-door delivery options including standard, certified, cash on delivery (COD), express, and instant delivery. In addition to our delivery types, we're also equipped to provide courier shipping services through known international courier service provides and local freight forwarders.

Our delivery service providers are carefully vetted to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best delivery experience possible. We're also very proud to be part of the delivery community in all countries we operate in; you can expect our delivery companies to act with courtesy and respect your time (and your belongings).


We Also Provide Online Towing Services!

We are happy to announce that for the first time in Bahrain, we now provide a vast network of tow truck drivers. Users can request towing services online with just one click on our app and within minutes your request will be taken care off with an expert ready at your location!

You can find out more about this new service by clicking here.

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