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Parcels are the boxes that are sent via customers, while couriers are the ones responsible for overall process, from collection to final mile delivery..
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What is the difference between courier and parcel?



A parcel is a box (usually made from cardboard), or in a reinforced envelope (usually constructed with bubble wrap inner layers).

There are many sizes of parcels: small boxes that contain jewelry or cosmetics to larger boxes that hold furniture or electrical appliances.

A label will be attached to the parcel's front to identify the address of the recipient. A unique barcode will be found on the label, which can be used to track the parcel or provide shipping information.




While some couriers are only available for domestic delivery, many offer international shipping. You will find that many e-commerce retailers use couriers to deliver your order quickly and safely.

Different levels of service are offered by couriers: From standard shipping which can take several days to guaranteed next-day delivery.

In the past, couriers were mostly used by companies and distributors to deliver goods to customers and clients. Today, courier services are easier to access for individuals. Individual and e-seller parcels can be quickly sent to a destination.

During the pandemic many people benefited from the Pharmaceutical delivery because they couldn't leave their houses.



To put it in a simple way

both terms are used in shipping and delivery, however their meanings can be different.

Parcel - The goods that are being shipped.

Courier - The companies that deals with the overall shipping process, from collection to delivery.






How do I deliver a parcel?



Step 1

Pick a parcel box, package it carefully and label it with both sender’s and recipient’s address. Don’t forget to include your mobile number on the shipping label to provide more information to shipping company.


step 2

Choose the courier service which serve your needs.


step 3

Book a pickup from your desire place to be pickup by delivery man.


step 4

After you hand your parcel to the courier. Get your smart device or laptop and watch a real – time tracking of your parcel in till the parcel reaches its final destination.


step 5

Delivering a parcel is very easy with Oreem delivery. They always takes a great care of your parcel, customers satisfaction is their satisfaction. other services




What is the best parcel delivery app?




Oreem delivery app offers a user-friendly experience with a Precise real-time location tracking of the target.

  • You can find whereabouts of your package at anytime and anywhere.
  • It also allows you to obtain the past location or routes of your parcel.
  • Get instant alerts on your smart phone.
  • Compatible with iPhone and android devices.



How to join parcel delivery?

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