The delivery of pharmaceutical products is dangerous anyplace in the world, especially within the GCC where temperatures can reach to an astronomical 50 degrees Celsius -- and beyond.
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Pharmaceutical delivery shipping process



The delivery of pharmaceutical products is dangerous anyplace in the world, especially within the GCC where temperatures can reach to an astronomical 50 degrees Celsius and beyond.

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in demand for last-mile B2C deliveries across these Gulf states. But, this kind of transportation is more complicated than any other type (e.g. Parcel delivery) of distribution and requires careful planning.

Shipping companies will gain high profits, due to the expectation that the biopharmaceutical industry around the world will reach a new number of approximately 1.173 trillion US dollars in 2030. This only includes the companies that are able to follow up with new changes, but the companies that fails to do so could have financial difficulties and even lawsuits.

It is crucial that potential shippers get aware with the regulations and issues related with shipping pharmaceuticals prior to beginning of their business and to be knowledgeable to the challenges regarding the shipping process specially last-mile delivery has very specific difficulties.



Shipping and also delivery of drugs require customized expertise as the products are sensitive and also commonly pricey. 


These are a few of the obstacle’s shippers need to deal with in creating their operations

Temperature Control

The pharmaceutical products must be transported at a controlled temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius because the heat is the biggest enemy for products and the GCC countries.

Most countries use normal shipping which require using transport at a controlled room temperature, but gulf countries have to use different methods.

some form of cooling is essential, be it temperature-controlled trailers, thermal blankets, ice packs, or phase-change material (PCM).



If temperature control may be the biggest issue for shippers, then packaging is a close second.

A lot of products get damaged in the first hours after shipping because of poor packaging design and incorrect packaging choices.

The main materials used in pharmaceutical packaging solutions comprise the following:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum foil
  • The main packaging utilized in the field is made up of tubes; bottles; ampoules; vials pouches, sachets, and sachets.


    Speed of delivery

    Certain medicines have long shelf lives, but other like plasma and most Covid-19 vaccines require use in only a few hours after having been taken out of the freezer or fridge.

    Breakdowns, traffic bottlenecks, and other delays could make the product ineffective upon the day of its arrival.


    Online live tracking

    Tracking the delivery online from the time it departs the drugstore until it arrives at the doorstep of the customer is a crucial aspect of last-mile pharmacy delivery.

    The driver's movements can be tracked live , while temperatures of drug is also tracked throughout the entire delivery. Alarms are activated in the event that temperatures change outside the parameters specified.


    Theft prevention

    Prescription drugs, including stimulants, opioids and benzodiazepines, are desired by criminals as well as drug users, and come with an enormous risk of theft.

    While warehouses may be secured with strict security measures that are in place, most theft happens when the item is being transported, making delivery more difficult, and the necessity to maintain accurate records is essential.


    Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Delivery

    Pharmaceutical cold chain is keeping uninterrupted cold conditions from manufacture to patient.

    The smallest fluctuations in temperature can affect the product and even damage it permanently, and this highlights the shipping companies and makes them be very careful.

    It is necessary to carry out periodic cleaning and maintenance of all refrigerated or insulated trucks and that any failure in the truck’s cooling system may destroy a load worth thousands of dollars. Storage facilities, warehouses and distribution centers must also be cleaned with an electricity reserve ready to operate in the event of a power outage.

    During the logistics process, all refrigeration units must be equipped with alarms that activate when temperatures fluctuate excessively. This is especially important during last mile product delivery.


    Prohibited Items

    The Gulf states have signed many international agreements with the aim of eliminating prohibited narcotics and drug dealers, to ensure that medicines are used only for medical purposes.

    In addition, each country listed the medicines that are allowed to be imported, manufactured or transported within the region.


    Last-mile pharmaceutical delivery

    Pharmaceutical deliveries are increasing faster and becoming more efficient and online pharmacies are available around the world 24/7, but at the same time expectations of same-day pharmaceutical delivery have increased. The logistical costs for wholesale pharmaceutical dealers are estimated at approximately 40%.

    Standards have risen due to the creation of Amazon's Amazon pharmacy and that this electronic pharmacy has distributed medicines directly to patients and temperature-sensitive medicines are delivered directly to the direct refrigerator.

    And some countries, such as Switzerland, use drones to deliver parcels and medicines to hospitals and laboratories.